What Basic Health Insurance Offers

Basic Health InsuranceBasic health insuranceis considered to be a comparatively new type of health insurance and a less-expensive alternative to full comprehensive coverage. There’s no co-payment or deductible. However, there’re certain eligibility requirements that consumers should meet and it stipulates somewhat limited coverage.

    • Unless the right was assigned to a medical provider, specific cash benefits are paid directly to the policy owner. This insurance doesn’t require answering medical questions on your application and provides protection only for the most common medical claims.
    • There are generally two options for your plan: PPO (preferred provider organization) and EPO (exclusive provider organization).

PPO is a managed-care network of hospitals, health-care providers and doctors who have to reach a collective agreement with a health insurance company to provide PPO members with reduced rates. EPO is a smaller network than a PPO and it usually offers larger discounts. In contrast with EPOs which bind their patients to visit providers inside the network only, PPOs allow them to visit specialists outside of the network.