Health Insurance Rates Unveiled

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Until recently health insurance rates have been a mystery to health-care consumers and it’s been hard to learn how much hospital stays or visits to the doctor will cost. And now more and more Web sites lift the veil on pricing. Though such sites can’t usually give exact prices for medical services and procedures, at least they can give a rough idea of typical costs in your area, and help you to choose affordable health insurance, doctors and hospitals.

    • The mystery with the pricing stems from the fact that insurers, hospitals and other providers don’t typically publicize how much they’re paid for their services. But the increasing cost of health insurance has made consumers even more conscious of price. People that already have insurance find out that they are overpaying, and try to reach more reasonable conditions. To find useful information and achieve this goal, you should check out multiple sites. Not only pay attention to price ranges, but also to the quality of care.

Premium rates depend on many factors such as the choice of plan, the number of family members covered (e.g. individual or family insurance), type of coverage, its duration, etc. Thus, the average annual premiums are $5,000 for single coverage and $14,000 for family coverage.