Family health insurance providers

Family health insurance
Family health insurance

What is a family affordable health insurance policy? Where do I find family health insurance providers in North Carolina? These are just a couple of questions that families may have about health insurance coverage. With new insurance plans and rates being introduced, there is a lot of confusion about the coverage that is coming available. Sweeping healthcare reform is posing a lot of questions regarding insurance for you and your family. Family Health Insurance Explained To put it in simple terms, health coverage for your family is insurance that is purchased to help with the cost of medical care. We never know when a major illness or injury will happen to your family. Health insurance is designed to keep families healthy without costing them a lot of out of pocket cash.

Choosing coverage is an individual process, there are many options available, the type and options you choose for your family will depend on many factors. There is dental coverage, eye care coverage and even prescription coverage, all with different coverage amounts and premium costs. How Does Family Health Insurance Coverage Work? There are two basic types of coverage. Each has its own set of options or riders, which you will need to choose from. Each has different premium options. The type you choose to cover your family for health care will depend a lot on your budget, current health condition and any state or federal assistance that may be available in North Carolina.

The first type of health insurance coverage the policy holder, or you, will pay for medical care, then file a claim against their insurance policy to get the money, or a portion of the money, paid back. Since you do all the claim work, this type of health care insurance may have lower premiums. The second type of insurance requires claim payment directly to the health care provider. The provider will then bill you for the balance of the claim. For example, if your health care policy covers 70% of medical bills, they will pay the provider, and then the provider will bill you for the 30% that is left on the balance of the bill.

Family health insurance premiums

Family health insurance in North Carolina premiums

Family health care is expensive. To surgically repair a broken finger can cost up to ten thousand dollars. Count on paying a few grand for a couple of stitches to close a deep cut. A case of the flu that requires a visit to the E.R. can cost another few thousand dollars. To pay the entire cost of any health care emergency without insurance, can and does spell financial disaster for many families. With a family insurance in North Carolina policy, the financial burden will be more manageable without breaking the family budget.

Depending on the type of policy that the family has, when an emergency arises, the health care policy will pay for a large portion of the expense. You will either file a claim with your provider, or the medical facility will bill them, according to the terms of your individual policy coverage. For example, if your policy covers 70% of a $10,000.00 emergency room visit, you will pay $3,000.00 and insurance will pay $7,000.00.