Basics Health Insurance in North Carolina

Basics Health Insurance in North Carolina

Health Insurance Basics

If you are not a millionaire and you cannot pay for your health care out of your pocket, affordable health insurance is your necessity. The best time to buy it is before you suffer from an illness, have an accident or discover that you are pregnant. In addition to stress and trauma that result from these conditions, you also have to spend a lot of money on your recovery.

What Is Health Insurance?

It is a form of insurance coverage that covers a holder’s medical and other expenses related to health care. It is a contract between an individual and an insurance provider. The individual or the insured is the owner of the policy, while the provider is a hospital, clinic, insurance company in North Carolina, or a health care practitioner.

How Does Health Insurance Provide Coverage?

There are two ways how the insurance provides coverage to the holder of the policy. In the current health care industry both these ways are quite common:

    • The first way is when the holder of the policy pays for his or her medical expenses himself or herself. Then he or she files a claim to the insurer for appropriate reimbursement.
    • The second way of covering medical expenses is when the insurer makes a direct payment to the health care provider.

Don’t put your and your family members’ emotional, physical and financial well-being at risk. Buy individual insurance or Basics Health Insurance in North Carolina right now and you will have utmost security at all times.