5 Opportunities from the Affordable Care Act 2017

Affordable Care Act 2017

Nobody can argue that health and wellbeing of your beloved ones and your own are the most precious things anyone can have. That’s why governmental changes in the sphere of health insurance are always very welcome. Hurry up to find out which benefits new health care law that will take effect in 2017 is about to bring into your life in terms of family and individual insurance

    • Opt for policies with dependent coverage. With the new law your children under the age of 26 y.o. can be insured with your plan.
    • Good news for families with disabled children or kids with pre-existing conditions: new individual plans and job-based health plans will cover your kids under the age of 19.
    • Preventive healthcare services such as vaccinations and others will be covered.
    • Lifetime dollar limits on essential health benefits will be cancelled in 2017.
    • The new law introduces stricter control over insurance companies.

With the Affordable Care Act families with children are going to get more control over family healthcare. Now you can work on your individual or family insurance, keeping in mind the upcoming changes.